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  • Bob H
    Based on got to go to Dr. Buchalter. I recently had my second hip replacement surgery by Dr. Buchalter. The first (4 months prior) went very well, with recovery complete, and now feeling absolutely no effects of surgery. Dr. Buchalter used a new procedure when performing my second surgery (a month ago)… recovery progressed even more quickly, and without the movement and position restrictions typically associated with the first surgery method. Post-surgery has been much easier to deal with this second time. After a week, I had switched from walker to cane outside and resumed driving, I returned to work two weeks after surgery. The staff at South Palm Orthopedics are professional and a pleasure to work with. It’s so great to be totally rid of the associated hip pain I had for 1 ½ years, and now also sleep better. got to go to Dr. Buchalter!
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Rick
    I am writing this for my wife, Dinah. Six weeks ago Dr. Buchalter performed a whole left knee replacement surgery. She (and I, the caregiver) could not be more pleased. This man has golden hands. Her recovery is coming along great (lots of pain in the beginning) but the pain subsided and today was her 1st day at pool. His reassuring manner, humor and great staff make it so much easier. You almost want to go to his office (??). He has performed over 3000 surgeries and truly knows what he's doing. If you need joint surgery, you owe it to yourself to see him.
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Sharain F
    I went to Dr. Buckhalter because I was having severe problems with my hip. I heard a lot of good things about him but I was very scared About doing surgery as I never had any surgery before. He calmed me and recommended we try physical therapy. When that didn’t work he gave me a cortisone shot into my hip which helped for about a month. The pain got worse and I was limping all the time. we talked about surgery and he told me about a brand new procedure he was doing for a hip replacement. He was very reassuring so I took the plunge and had him do my surgery and I couldn’t be happier. I woke up from surgery and felt better already. It’s two weeks now and I’m not even using a cane . All my friends are amazed. So am I. Thank you Dr. B you gave me my life back!!!
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Bernadette S
    I was referred to Dr. Buchalter by a friend as I was having pain in my hip when walking. The doctor took x-rays and explained that the problem was coming from my hip. We tried physical therapy and a injection but it continued to get worse. We had a long discussion and Dr Buchalter told me about this new procedure he was doing with the anterior hip. Dr Buchalter said that people were having great results. After he answered all of my questions I did want to speak to my husband about this as well. I did decide to go ahead and have the surgery and I couldn’t be happier. I was walking within a couple of hours after the surgery and I was able to stop using the cane after 2 1/2 weeks. I never had any pain in my hip after the surgery. The great news was that I did not have to go to rehab and I really didn’t need that much home health. I can’t thank Dr Buchalter enough for letting me know about this procedure. I feel like I have my life back again. I highly recommend Dr Buchalteer.
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Patricia M
    Dr Buchalter is top in his field. He did my second hip replacement in August 2021. I recommend him highly to anyone needing a hip or knee replacement. I am back to work in two weeks. I am completely pain free! I am walking without a cane or walker. If anyone needing this type of surgery don’t hesitate to see him!
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Beryl B
    Yes, he just did a full knee replacement on my knee and I couldn't be happier. It is 5 weeks now and I am up and walking on my own with no pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Buchalter ! There is no one better.
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Mark G
    When I first went to Dr Buchalter, he told me my knee pain was coming from my hip. I had seen 2 other doctors who disagreed. He gave me a shot in my hip and my pain disappeared. Then I tried Physical Therapy. When it came back 6 months later he recommended surgery He replaced my hip 6 weeks ago. I woke up with Zero pain and since then I never had ANY pain. I am playing golf again! My friends can’t believe it. I definitely recommend him!
    Source: Healthgrades
  • D J S
    FANTASTIC SURGEON. I had my knee replaced 5 years ago. It never seemed right. I saw several doctors who said nothing was wrong. Dr Buchalter diagnosed my problem. and did another surgery on my knee. Within 3 weeks, I was better. Thanks Dr B!!
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Alberto P
    I was hit by a car walking and I fracture my knee,and I went to the Doctor Buchalter I was having problems with my knee, when I saw him he told me what was wrong and showed me pictures of the X-rays,he explaind a lot of options,he replaced my knee,At my 6 week I was walking, no use walker or cane I also had physical therapy, he was very caring,I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend him his is the best!
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Rosemarie
    My whole life took on a new quality after Dr. Buchalter replaced my right knee. I was fortunate my friends referred me to a good orthopedic surgeon. What I like most about this doctor is that he doesn't beat around the bush and tells it like it is. Dr. Buchalter replaced my right knee at Delray Regional and I stayed two nights following my operation. My biggest fear was the pain following surgery. To my surprise, my pain was a mere discomfort. I was able to walk on my own four days after surgery but used a walker until I saw the doctor. Recovery was easy and four months later, my scar is barely noticeable. I have no problems with walking and I am amazed at how fast my knee healed. I explain that it is the doctor who gets the applause. Although Dr. Buchalter is a bit pompous, he is the key to my successful surgery and recovery. His nurse assistant, Barbara Stein, is a wonderful asset to the practice and is available at all times to answer qustions before, during and after.
    Source: Healthgrades
  • After 3 failed hip replacements and revisions, Dr. Buchalter was able to troubleshoot the causes of failed operations and proceeded to finally heal my husband. He should be the first orthopedic surgeon to see and his diagnosis, the only one to believe!
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Dr. Buchalter did my hip surgery in November 2019. I recently visited the office for my apprx one year follow up. My hip healed perfectly and I have not had any pain or problems so I am very satisfied with my experience.
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Rudy
    Dr. Buchalter is the doctor to go to if you need your hip replaced. He is very experienced and the results are excellent. I am just over two weeks after the surgery and the improvement is remarkable.
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Bernard S
    Very attentive. full explanation of your situation every thing he told me was true after hip replacement I had no pain after 7 weeks I am driving, chipping golf balls have not used my cane in 2 weeks I feel like a new man, and have my life back
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Dr. Buchalter did a knee replacement and I have been very pleased with the results. I also had physical therapy. He was very caring, answered all my questions and the staff was excellent. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend him.
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Mike F
    Dr. Buchalter runs a very efficient office. He saw me 2 days after I called for an appointment and replaced my left hip three weeks later (I've heard of friends waiting at least a month for an appointment and at least 3 to 4 months for surgery). He used the posterior (minimally invasive) method. The results were fantastic. It's now 5 months since surgery and I have clearance to perform all activities . Obviously I would highly recommend Dr. Buchalter and also his physical therapists Robert and Melissa. His office and medical assistants are friendly and efficient.
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Linda I
    I am very happy with my results. I fell on January 27th and was rushed to Delray Med. dr. Buchalter performed by surgery. I am so happy he put me back together, and I am able to be doing all the things I did before. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!
    Source: Healthgrades
  • Bob D
    I had both my hips replaced by Dr. Bucky. He and his staff was professional and caring every step of both procedures. I am walking and sitting better than I have in years, and I highly recommend him.
    Source: Healthgrades
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