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When Should I Consider Hip Replacement Surgery?
When Should I Consider Hip Replacement Surgery?

If your hip joint is worn out, diseased, or injured, you may need a hip replacement. Theoutcome of surgery may enable you to return to an active lifestyle if you suffer from severearthritis and cannot perform routine activities. Patients often ask, "When should I considerhip replacement surgery?"

Hip replacement surgery has been one of the most successful medical interventions inrecent years. Technology advancements and joint replacement techniques have significantlyimproved the effectiveness and patient satisfaction of hip replacement surgery.1

Chronic pain

Movements such as walking or climbing stairs can irritate your hip joints and cause pain. Insome instances, taking a break from certain movements may help relieve your hip pain.However, if you experience pain when you rest during the day or at night, you may want toconsider surgical treatment.

Loss of mobility

If you have been experiencing recurrent hip pain or stiffness that inhibits your mobility andis affecting your quality of life, it is time to consider surgery. Hip replacement surgery canhelp relieve pain and make it easier for you to get back to your regular activities.

Hip deformity

Surgery may be an appropriate solution for an injury or congenital disability resulting in adeformity. If your hip joint is damaged or deformed, your doctor may recommend hipreplacement surgery. As joint damage progresses, it can become more severe.

Loss of physical activity

If your hip pain has caused you to give up sports or other physical activities that you enjoy,you may be a good candidate for hip replacement surgery.

Choosing the right time for the procedure is crucial to maximizing its benefits. Many of ourpatients who have undergone hip replacements regret the time they waited to undergo theprocedure. In the event that you delay a hip replacement, your hip can suffer more wearand tear, and you may live with more pain, stiffness, and mobility problems as a result.

Hip replacement surgery has an excellent success rate, with greater than 95% of patientsexperiencing relief from hip pain afterward.2 An estimated 85% of artificial hip joints usedin hip replacement surgeries last for more than 20 years.3 You don’t have to live in pain.

Find out if hip replacement surgery is right for you by contacting Dr. Buchalter at SouthPalm Orthopedics.

David N. Buchalter, MD is a board certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializingin minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery at South Palm Orthopedics. Dr.Buchalter uses the latest cutting-edge surgical and nonsurgical techniques for orthopedicpatients across South Florida.

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