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Recover at Home after Hip Replacement
Recover at Home after Hip Replacement

Modern technology and medical science have enabled many patients to have same-day hip replacements. It is possible for patients who meet the criteria to recover at home after an outpatient hip replacement. The luxury of recovering at home often benefits the patient and offers faster healing times.

In the U.S., hip replacement surgery relieves over 400,000 Americans of the debilitating pain and stiffness of hip pain every year.1 Surgical techniques have advanced to make hip replacement surgery more attractive to younger, active patients. With the introduction of bikini incision hip replacement, healthy, active patients are increasingly opting for outpatient surgery.

Recovering at home offers patients the following:

  • A quicker return to activity: Outpatient joint replacement surgery is now possible because of minimally invasive techniques. Patients can return to active lifestyles more quickly due to advancements in pain management techniques.
  • Greater patient satisfaction: Same-day joint replacement surgery delivers better outcomes. Patients are happy to be able to recover at home after the procedure, surrounded by their loved ones. Aside from feeling more motivated, they are more inclined to return to their active routines.
  • Fewer complications: A home recovery dramatically reduces the risk of experiencing a postsurgical infection. Encouragement to get up and be active also lowers the risk of complications since immobility increases some risk factors.
  • Impeccable pain management: Better pain management techniques are one of the main reasons outpatient surgery is possible. Various forms of anesthesia, including nerve blocks, relieve pain successfully after surgery.

Participating in physical therapy as early as possible after joint replacement surgery drastically speeds up recovery. Pain control, surgical techniques, and physical therapy help patients return to life faster and with greater mobility. To determine if you are a candidate for an outpatient hip replacement surgery, contact Dr. Buchalter at South Palm Orthopedics today.

David N. Buchalter, MD is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive hip and knee replacement surgery at South Palm Orthopedics. Dr. Buchalter uses the latest cutting-edge surgical and nonsurgical techniques for orthopedic patients across South Florida.


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